UK Ban on FM Transmitters Lifted in the UK

If you have used an FM transmitter on your iPod in the past with in the UK then you have been breaking the law. They were illegal to use due to the signals interfering with broadcasts by legal radio stations. You could easily get your hands on one of these transmitters in an arrangement where you can buy legally but it’s illegal to use. I have one my self which I got a few years back and obviously is still in it’s packaging awaiting to be used on the 8th December 2006 when it will be legal to use. The new ruling put in to place by Ofcom who regulate the licences are permitting those that can use “spare frequencies” to be made legal. With this they are also removing the need to have a licence when using a Citizens’ Band radio.

The original law that made it illegal was drafted in 1949 and is called the Wireless Telegraphy Act of 1949 and forbids you to broadcast with out a licence. Ofcom saw that consumers wanted this in place and the laws were revised.

However, the new arrangement named “Wireless Telegraphy (Exemption) (Amendment) Regulations 2006” do not allow all of these FM transmitters to be legal. Many still do not meet certain technical specifications.

To check if the transmitter is legal you just need to look for the CE logo which means it is approved for use in the UK.

Via: BBC News

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