The 14 M.P.H. Cooler

Rideable Cooler
This must be one of the funkiest cool boxes around. This particular model as a 500 watt motor built in which allows you to ride it up to 14 MPH. Inside the 14MPH Cooler you will find a space for up to 24 12-oz beverage cans as well as space for 8 lbs of ice. The drivable chiller allows you to travel up to about an hour which will see me to work and back each day. The frame is light and durable as it is built of aluminium. To stop the hefty 14 MPH beast it employs the use of disc brakes.

Another plus side for this cooler is the ability to open it up while driving it and they have also included a cup holder so you can have quick access to your drinks. It will support up to 300lbs of weight although the seat for some reason is sold separately.

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