Choosing the right LED Belt Buckle

led belt buckle
According to, the LED belt buckle is the hottest thing in that industry right now. To be honest, I never realised that LED belt buckles were all the rage. Ive never seen one in real life. Anyway, choosing one needs a lot of care and attention so that you get exactly what you need. Belt-buckles came up with a list of things to look out for.

* The ability to store multiple messages
* The length of the message in characters (good ones allow up to 256 characters or more)
* The number of speed levels (speed your message displays)
* The number of brightness levels
* An accessible ON/OFF button
* Is is easily programmable and can you switch between messages easily
* There should be an instruction manual
* Batteries should be included

UXV Combatant Unmanned Drone Warship

UXV Combatant Drone Warship
This is the UXV Combatant warship that is being developed by BAE systems. The future according to BAE will be filled with AI and robots which will fight against each other. It sounds rather terminatorish to me. It expected that this ship will go in to service after 2020 which isnt that far away to be honest. It is 8000 tonnes and will have a whole host of features such as a below deck hangar, smart munitions and twin flight decks to name a few.

Full integrated electrical propulsion with twin propeller shafts/motors supplied by gas turbine and diesel alternators. Alternatively, cruising power can be supplied by two shafts/motors and diesel alternators with boost power from one gas turbine driving two water jets.

Completly crazy 🙂

Via: Gizmodo

Phone Excuses

Phone Excuses
Occasionally you get a call and know the moment you answer it that you are going to be on there a long time even though you dont want to be. Sometimes you cannot find a good excuse to make your exit off the phone. Phone Excuses has been created to make that getaway easier. It has several sound effects such as a door bell, flush, alarm and more which you can playback over the phone. The quick hang up suddenly became easier.

The Phone Excuses is available from IWOOT and costs 4.95 pounds.

Paper Model Car Directory

If you cannot afford the real thing then you could settle for a paper model car. genius.x0 has a HUGE list of many cars that are available for download so you can print, cut, fold, glue and build your own paper car. Cars such as the Ferrari Enzo, Ford GT and Nissan Skyline can be found in the list as well as many other cool cars such as Rollers.

Darth Vader Alarm Clock

Waking up is often a difficult task for some people. Maybe having a Darth Vader alarm clock next to you might solve that problem. This one can project the time on to a wall or ceiling and is visible night and day. The snooze button doubles as a night light so you can read under a glowing lightsabre (its not real ;)). The Darth Vader clock will set you back $29.99.

Via: huhwow

SNiF Tags – Social Networking for Dogs

SNiF Tags are designed to be attached to your dog and then they allow you to monitor your dogs activity, who they meet, who his friends are, who he meets of your own friends and what not. There is an online interface which allows you to track the dogs exercise routines and the data is kept so you can analyze and see if your dog is getting lazy. When the dog meets another dog with a tag it then shares the info with you.

Also details of the owners are exchanged when the dogs are in range and this allows you to contact the dogs owner, share info and make new friends. It does this all with the custom built radio communications protocol.

Via: SnifLabs

LED Boomerang

boomerang LED
The Scimitar is created with Foam and has LEDs embedded in to it. This allows some cool light effects to be created when throwing the boomerang around. The image above is of Eric Darnell who has been building boomerangs for a long time.

Via: Popular Mechanics

Crazy Death Star Cinema Room

Death Star Theatre
This cool looking star wars theatre was built to look like the death star control deck. The design includes C3PO and Bobafett. It took 36 months to build. Two entrances can be found which have back lit floors to either the left or right followed by automatic sliding doors. A secret door can be found behind Han Solo who is stuck in carbonite. In that room you will find an extensive video and audio collection. All the equipment is kept out of the main room next to the media room. In the cinema its self there are 3 rows of seats, a fiber optic star field, and 22 feet of space from the back wall to the screen.

Via: Electronic House and SlashGear

Japan Re invent the Door

I couldnt let this one go with out adding something about it here.

Japan have created a new door which is very different to what you have seen before. The door does not open like an ordinary door but only opens the parts that you need to walk through. Confused? I was until I saw the video.


Click Here to watch the video

Sumo Suits

When you were younger… or maybe even now, you might have watched Sumo Wrestling and wondered why they wear that skimpy underwear and are so huge and love to fight each other.

If you enjoyed watching it, but do not fancy doubling or gaining 4 times your current weight to join in then a Sumo Suit is the answer!


The Sumo Suit comes with the costume, crazy weird hat (hair piece thing) and also a small fan in which you insert in the back and it quickly inflates you to Sumo size rather quickly.

Available from


* Sumo Suit and Hat
* Battery operated fan
* Inflates in seconds
* One size fits all (unless you’re already a Sumo wrestler, in which case what are you doing?)
* Requires 4 AA batteries
* 100% nylon. Hand wash cold and line dry. Do not iron.

Twilight Umbrellas have the new Twilight Umbrellas for sale now which are for rainy days and for cheering the mood up when all you see is rain and boring black brollys everywhere.

2 designs are available. The one below is the Red brolly with neon stripes and the other is the Black version with speckles of light over it.

Available from



LED Tagz

Tag.gifLED Tagz I guess are the “cool” way of passing on messages to other folks.

With a few keystrokes you can put a 256 character message on the screen which scrolls your name, phone number, chat up line or what ever you want. You then just throw it around your neck and hope that someone notices 🙂

Available from