Touch Screen Wall-Mounted Square CD Player

Square CD Player
The wall mounted CD player is concept right now and is designed to look great when hanging on the wall. It has an illuminating surface which looks good both on and off. In the middle when switched on is a sensor plate which houses the controlls. The surface of the player can have a small magnet attached which turns the surface of the device in to a speaker.

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Plug In and Enjoy Speakers

Plug in and Enjoy Speakers
Plug and Enjoy speakers is a new concept idea which tackles the problem of wanting to entertain guests around rooms in the house. The idea is that it is difficult to move speaker systems around from room to room and this means that entertainment is stuck in one part of the house. The new speaker concept is a way of working around this. Plug In and Enjoy speakers are around the size of a power convertor (not very big) and you plug in the speakers to any socket in any room of the house and the sound is transmitted to them. They are designed to receive FM signalls from your stereo system or iTrip and the speaker picks up the signal and plays the audio from where ever it is connected to.

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Sony Ericsson Concept Phone

Sony Concept Phone
Sony Ericsson create some amazing phones. This concept phone is no exception and looks very classic. It has a slim body which Sony is known for and is about the size of a credit card. The phone is likely to make it to production which is good to hear. The phone will come with an OLED touch screen and keypad.

Exciting times are still ahead with technology getting smaller. No doubt in a few years time you will be able to carry everything you need in the 1 device. We are getting there now, but I still find that web browsing and a few other features are still not quite suited to a smaller screen. Maybe one day 🙂

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Roller Toaster

Roller Toaster
The Roller Toaster is concept now, but does look pretty cool… enough cool in that I wouldnt mind owning one when it does get released. The roller toaster is a simple idea. You push bread in one side and it rolls through and turns in to toast on the other side.

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Helio Drift Phone with GPS and more

Helio Drift Phone
Helio Drift is a new phone which has just gone official. The phone looks cool and has some great features such as built in GPS and Google Maps also. The GPS and Google maps when used together can do a cool thing. You can set your phone to be a beacon via the Buddy Beacon and if a friend has the same phone you will be able to see each other on the map. This kind of reminds me of Sony’s GPS sat nav system where you could see all other Sony sat nav users on the road with you. The main problem is that not many will have this phone to start with. For this concept.. or idea to go anywhere then this technology will need to be taken onboard by other mobile phone creators.

The phone has a 2.12 inch screen, Bluetooth, 128Mb of memory, a MicroSD slow and the camera is 2 megapixel. Out of contract it will set you back 225 dollars which is not a bad price point at all.

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Turntable Laptop Concept

Turntable Laptop
The Turn Table PC is a concept laptop that could very well hit the market in the next couple of years. It has a touch sensative panel on the cover of the laptop to allow you to playback and control music being played on the laptop. The laptop has 5.1 channel surround sound although that is virtual.

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Linux Smartphone

FIC Linux Phone
A new Linux Smartphone is on it’s way called the FIC-GTA001. The phone is going to be released along with an SDK which will then allow users to create their own programs and functions for the phone.

The FIC-GTA001 has a 2.8 inch VGA screen, USB file sharing, multi touch sensor recognition, GSM, GPS, 128Mb RAM which a Samsung ARM9 processor. It will also play MP3’s.

Multi Touch
Multi touch technology gives the user the option of touching the screen with 2 fingers which will help with a bunch of tasks.

Giving the SDK along with the phone makes this an interesting step. I can see a lot of developers jumping on this concept to create their own software to power their new phone and then share it with the world.

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Samsungs Ultraslim 17 inch Display

Aving reported on the Samsung 17″ ultra slim AMOLED display.This display is an active matrix / organic light emitting diode hybrid (AMOLED) and give bright vivid colours and very thin formfactor. The reason for this is that no back light is needed. This 17″ display is capable of 1600 x 1200 resolution and has an amazing response time of less then 0.01ms. It has 1000:1 contrast ration also. It isnt going to the market yet as it’s a concept device, but I will be getting my self one when it does 🙂

Samsung AMOLED Displays

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Nokia Aeon Concept Phone

nokia-aeon-400Nokia have introduced another concept phone which is quite smart. It is based on 2 touch sensative screens fastened together by fuel cell battery. Nokia is keen to have phones like this hit the market and also have them wearable.

Nokia Aeon has a flexible interface

The 2 touch screens can act as anything you like, such as the buttons on one side, the screen on the other, or in any form you like.

Nokia Aeon
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Black Diamond Smartphone

The Black Diamond Smartphone was a concept a few months back and most of us thought it would stay that way. However, a company called VIPM is going to be producing these in very limited numbers. Basically it means that they will be a tad on the expensive side (ie… you wont get it free with a contract). The price tag will be somewhere in the $300k price range. Yes… that K is another 3 zero’s on there 🙂

It looks amazing. It runs the Windows Mobile 5.0 platform and has a 2 inch screen. It has a 400Mhz XScale processor with wifi, bluetooth, 128Meg of internal memory and a touch sensative keypad.

Earlier I mentioned it is a limited edition. A total of 5 will be made. Good luck at getting one 🙂 And raising the money to buy it. What happens if it breaks though? Will they ship another? That would mean that a 6th would have to be made. Hmmmm.


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Wind Powered Bike Light (Concept)

The wind powered bike light is a new concept which was designed by Hsieh Jung-Ya. The device is powered by wind as you ride your bike. This in turn charges a lithium battery which then poweres the 1700 lux LED. This covers the problem of the lights going out when you come to a stand still. The idea won an award recently and could be out soon although no official details have been given about that.


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FlexGrid – Bendable LCD Display

This is a cool LCD bendable display as the picture and video show below. The concept was created in 2004 and the video shows a working version of what it will be like. One idea is that it can give clothing a personality of it’s own by talking to it in different ways. The LCD display would show the clothings personality.


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