Black Diamond Smartphone

The Black Diamond Smartphone was a concept a few months back and most of us thought it would stay that way. However, a company called VIPM is going to be producing these in very limited numbers. Basically it means that they will be a tad on the expensive side (ie… you wont get it free with a contract). The price tag will be somewhere in the $300k price range. Yes… that K is another 3 zero’s on there 🙂

It looks amazing. It runs the Windows Mobile 5.0 platform and has a 2 inch screen. It has a 400Mhz XScale processor with wifi, bluetooth, 128Meg of internal memory and a touch sensative keypad.

Earlier I mentioned it is a limited edition. A total of 5 will be made. Good luck at getting one 🙂 And raising the money to buy it. What happens if it breaks though? Will they ship another? That would mean that a 6th would have to be made. Hmmmm.


Via: OhGizmo

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