Helio Drift Phone with GPS and more

Helio Drift Phone
Helio Drift is a new phone which has just gone official. The phone looks cool and has some great features such as built in GPS and Google Maps also. The GPS and Google maps when used together can do a cool thing. You can set your phone to be a beacon via the Buddy Beacon and if a friend has the same phone you will be able to see each other on the map. This kind of reminds me of Sony’s GPS sat nav system where you could see all other Sony sat nav users on the road with you. The main problem is that not many will have this phone to start with. For this concept.. or idea to go anywhere then this technology will need to be taken onboard by other mobile phone creators.

The phone has a 2.12 inch screen, Bluetooth, 128Mb of memory, a MicroSD slow and the camera is 2 megapixel. Out of contract it will set you back 225 dollars which is not a bad price point at all.

Via: Gizmodo

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