Concept Digital Sand Watch

Sand Watch
Here we have a new concept idea which is based on the idea of an hourglass that you would normally see with sand in it. The digital version shows time digitally in an hourglass shaped screen and also can be switched to digital mode. This is a cool watch to ook out and would be interesting to see hit the shelves although with that many concept ideas floating around there is only going to be a % of them that do make it. Hopefully, this is one of them.

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Bluetooth Pillow Phone

Bluetooth Pillow Phone
I would never have thought up a device like this. The Bluetooth Pillow Phone is a 66cm long pillow with a built in microphone, loudspeaker, lithium ionic battery and LEDs to show the status of the pillow. It is made of Cotton Velvet with a foam inner core.

It’s crazy if you ask me, but I guess perfect for those who first fall in love and spend hours on the phone at night while they fall asleep. It’s too bad that it’s just concept though 🙂

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Vulcania Watch

Vulcania Watch
I have always been a fan of a good watch, my current being one from TokyoFlash who most of you are probably aware of. However, I came across the Vulcania Watch from HD3 which is another amazing looking watch. It used to be in concept but eventually became a real device. As can be seen in the pictures, the watch works in a deeply set 3D display. The watch can be seen through it’s front and back sapphire glass panels. As can be seen, this is one seriously cool watch. To add to it’s looks, the watch is made of titanium and platinum. Unfortunately only 11 of these watches will be made. If you are lucky to get your hands on one then let us know 🙂
Vulcania Watch Dial

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e-Ink – The way Forward

As many of you are aware, it is more difficult to read off the screen then it is a book. Electronic Ink (e-ink) is designed to be easier on the eyes because it doesnt use a backlight to show up the pixels on the page. Electronic Paper is designed to reflect light similar to how paper would. This means that in the dark, you wont be able to see it. Electronic Paper also uses little power consumption. Once the pixels are in place they stay there using no power source.

This eBook from E Ink is a real book and not just concept like some others. It is just 5mm thin and has an 800×600 display. As well as display technology it has Bluetooth so that data can be sent from a mobile device, and it also has a built in SD card slot. With E Paper not being able to be used in the dark it has a built in light which can flip out. This book from E-Ink is a nice step forwards to bring paper in to the electronic world.

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ASUS Aura Concept Phone

The ASUS Aura is a concept phone and has all the features (well, virtual features) that you could ever hope for. The screen is 3.9 inch and touchscreen. It features HSDPA, Wifi, Bluetooth 2.0, microSD and is just 6mm thick. Also there is a slide out keyboard crammed in to that 6mm thickness. No doubt by the time this is available then technologies such as bluetooth 2.0 will be obsolete as well as standard 3.9 inch touchscreens. Maybe holographic floaty screens will be the norm. We will have moved on by then 🙂 Anyway, as it’s concept we will let you enjoy the pictures of what might be in a few years time.

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Nokia N99 – Concept

Nokia N99
The N series Nokia’s get better and better each time they launch. But, ufortunatly the N99 is just concept at the moment. If it were to be real then it would feature a full qwerty keyboard as well as a touchscreen display. Also a hefty 8 megapixel camera was thrown in there and it has a 3.2 inch wide screen display. Ok, that is not all. GPS is included as well as wifi and lots of other stuff. Should this appear soon then we will let you know more details closer to it’s arrival.

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Nokia Explore Concept

Nokia has created the Explore concept which uses a community type set up. The idea behind this is that you share your discoveries with a community from the world.

The short video below is just one in a series of videos created by Nokia which show how mobile phones might change over the next few years. None of the phones are real (quite obvious when you see the video) but do show what Nokia’s vision is and where it wants to go.
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iBlinds – New Generation iPod Accessory

iBlinds is a concept idea which makes you ask the question “how far is this iStuff going to go?”. Of course it’s not a real system in place, but does make you ponder the thought that you might one day have a whole iPod controlled house 🙂

A new generation accessory that interacts with your iPod or iPhone through your window blinds.
Superior performance and technology that drives iBlinds to create innovative dynamic living room space through your own music.


Dell Concept Display

Dell Concept
Dell revealed at CES a new concept display. The concept display is encased in glass, is ultra thin, has built in speakers and a webcam built in. This is a great step forwards for Dell and if created could see its self being put on many desks around the world. For technical specs, the display is estimated to run at 1920 x 1200 pixels. The powersupply would not be built in and actually a seperate device that sits on the floor out of the way to save space on the display.

As we receive more details we will pass them on.

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Memory Infinite – Concept USB Storage Device

Memory Infinite
The Memory Infinite is a concept idea thought of by Vicky Wei. The 3D models above were created and illustrate an example of linking multiple USB flash drives together to make the storage larger and appear as 1 virtual drive. As larger flash drive come on sale it no longer means the end of your old drive. The new drive can simply plug in to the back of the older drive and the storage space is increased. With it being concept there is no official date of this being released, if ever. The only questions that come to my mind is… how many drives would you want to link together before you have a serious long chain of them, and would it actually work as 1 drive.

This is still a nice idea and the 3D images do make it look cool.

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The Sony Skateboard Patent

Sony Skateboard
Sony has recently filed for a patent for something out of their normal scope. The Sony Skateboard Patent has been spotted and it looks like a similar concept to the segway – just without the handles. As you can see from the picture above it looks like a cross between a surfboard, skateboard and hoverboard with gigantic wheels attached. The skateboard works by you moving the centre of gravity to move in the direction you want to go. For those people who have not quite got the balance to surf or skate, this design allows for 2, 3 or 4 wheels so you can choose how daring you want to be.

We do not know if this idea will be hitting our shops any time soon, but what we have learnt with Sony is to watch this space.

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Concept – iPod Watch

iPod Concept Watch
iPods always have a cool sleek look to them and this is what must have inspired the designer of the iPod concept watch. Looking over it’s sleek looks you could see that this would look great to wear. The iPod watch would sport some nifty wireless ear phones and would guarantee that your not to loose it out of your pocket while running for the bus. Great idea and I do hope this one hits the market soon.

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