Nokia Aeon Concept Phone

nokia-aeon-400Nokia have introduced another concept phone which is quite smart. It is based on 2 touch sensative screens fastened together by fuel cell battery. Nokia is keen to have phones like this hit the market and also have them wearable.

Nokia Aeon has a flexible interface

The 2 touch screens can act as anything you like, such as the buttons on one side, the screen on the other, or in any form you like.

Nokia Aeon

Nokia Aeon

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  1. this is probably the best idea

    it looks soo good and wow!!
    i cant wait till you accually make it

    its amazing

  2. ausum dude
    how much does it cost roughly!!!

  3. It’s just concept at the moment so I have no clue. If it makes it out then phones usually retail between 200 – 600 GBP unlocked and way cheaper on contract.

  4. i want to ask you a bout this nokia prise

  5. wow!!!! cool man !!! can you give me 1 of this handphone ?! i love this design. i hope it will come out soon . hahaha . and don’t make it too expensive !! hhahaha . i’ll buy this as soona as possible . hahhaah . this is so futuristic . hahahaha

  6. Man, from where should I buy it?

  7. Nice phone. Search in Google about Nokia Eco Sensor concept phone.. Regards

  8. it’s like wow!!! hope it will get on the market soon… and hope it’s price would be accessible. can’t wait to buy one of those

  9. mmmm…iphone vs. aeon…………………………….. it a great fight…just like pacquio vs. marquez… i’ll bet for paquio…and for the aeon as well..

  10. waiting person says

    i can,t wait for that plzz tell me when is gonna come hope i can get it soon … dlm taqiiiii

  11. Custom Web Development says

    When this gonna come to market?

  12. Doan Saputra ( The - One ) says


  13. Abhijit says

    i want the feature of nokia aeon and prise

  14. fathimath shifaza says

    i would like to know when this phone is going to be in the market and the estimated price.

  15. tur baap says

    cool phone…please mention the estimated price

  16. is there any one?! can tell me about the cost or this cell phone or where or when should i get it?

  17. andreutza says

    wow!!!!it’s so beautiful!I LOVE IT!what’s the price and what camera does it have?

  18. tell me about the aeon mobile

  19. pls……………… its been a year but still no nokia aeon…..yet the iphone 3g was here long month before…. pls update us on the concept….


  21. aaaaagh it looks so awesome when the hell is it going to come out and what camera does it have

  22. how much does it cost were is it available

  23. Looks like a very hot phone, need to find out price and when it will be available to the market. Cheers

  24. Ramandeep Singh says

    how much does it cost were is it available.
    When this gonna come to market?

  25. I am very happy that this attractive phone appeared!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. meher ali says

    I saw nokia aeon mobile phone in website .Its very stylish & aristrocatic.Its main attraction is outlook & various beautiful color,hope you also agree with me.However,when it will come in Bangladesh market.

  27. I have it. Bought it from Finland. The price was 935€ . Have nice day!! XD

  28. wow i want it now mmmm nokia aeon is a piece of chocolate

  29. Amazing…it’s luxurious….where i can get it??

  30. sadiq usmani says

    this is attractive,handsom and very very sexy cellphone so I can’t wait for that I have to purchase it very quickly so tell me from where should I purchase it.

  31. when it’s come and how much coast

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