Wireless USB

Wireless USB
Since the launch of USB, this connectivity has enabled around 2 billion USB wired devices to be sold around the world. The time has now come to drop these wires while enjoying high speed transfers wireless style. Wireless USB is capable of transferring data at 480Mbps at a 3m range and 110Mbps at a 10m range. If you are like me and have a number of USB devices connected to your computer then the benefits are obvious. Digital cameras, iPods and a number of other USB devices soon stack up and the cables can become a mess. By using WUSB you are able to flick a switch, see the device connect and transfer the files.

Another feature of this technology was demonstrated at CES where a Kodak digital camera was fitted with a WUSB device and then pictures taken were sent wirelessly to a digital photo frame on the display. Ideas which are simple like this could easily be thought of and show many uses for this fast simple protocol.

We must ask the question though. How will WUSB compete with the popular Bluetooth protocol? It will probably come down to what you are connecting with and how quick the connection can be made.

Via: Ubergizmo

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