If your looking for a small computer with a good spec then maybe the Seamless S-XGen UMPC needs to be on your list to consider! It is certainly appeals to the eye, is small enough to fit in your pocket, yet big enough to use without feeling like its a mobile phone – and it certainly offers more capability than your mobile phone too!……

It boasts:
-520MHz Xscale processor
-256MB of SDRAM
-MMC card slot
-4-inch 480 x 270 screen
-.2Mpx camera
-802.11b WiFi
-tri-band GSM connectivity
-Windows CE 5.0
-MS Office Mobile Suite

This is defiantely a spec that will be able to cater for most needs and demands of your average consumer, and with a price tag of approx 1400 dollars or approx 850 pounds, its going to appeal to those who have a need for the ‘all in one’ solution that the S-XGen offers or for those who just need to have the latest showpiece!!

Via: TechPuddle

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