Sony Cybershot DSC-H3

The DSC-H3 is Sony’s latest Cybershot camera to be made available. The camera has an ample 8.1 mega pixel CCD and a Carl Zeiss lens. What makes the lens interest me is that it is a 10x optical zoom lens. Having that much optical zoom is far better then digital zoom that is quite common in cameras.

Cyber-Shot DSC-H3 Details

Other features of the DSC-H3 camera is it’s face detection which can point out up to 8 faces on pictures. On the advanced modes the camera can shoot rapid fire shots and it has an ISO 3200 rating. HD output is an option so that pictures can be displayed right on to your HDTV.

The price isn’t bad too with Amazon at just $269.54 (with free shipping) currently. Please note that this is not a DSLR camera.

UK prices here.


Via: EliteZoom


  1. Wow! Things just get better every day, and cameras like this make photography so much more accessible for everyone. The specs are pretty impressive as well, especially in this price range.

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