Panasonic LUMIX DMC-3D1 Dual Lens Camera Announced

As well as announcing the Panasonic LUMIX DX1 today, Panasonic has also announced the LUMIX DMC-3D1 camera. This particular camera has two lenses and is capable of capturing photos and video in 3D.

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Panasonic LUMIX GX1 with 16MP Sensor Now Official

Panasonic has announced the new LUMIX GX1. The new camera has an interchangeable lens system and is capable of capturing images at 16 megapixels, 16.01 to be precise.

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Five Generations of iPhone Cameras Compared

If you want to know how the camera in the iPhone has changed since launching in 2007, take a look at the comparison shots below. What we see here are five generations of iPhone cameras which start at the original iPhone and then on to the iPhone 3G, 3GS, 4 and finally the new 4S. It’s quite amazing to see how Apple has managed to improve the quality as much as it has in just a few years.

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Canon EOS-1D X Announced

As expected, Canon has announced a new digital SLR camera called the Canon EOS-1D X. The new camera is very similar in design to the 1D model but has a lot of different tech packed inside the body.

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Canon to Launch new DSLR Tomorrow

Rumours are showing that Canon will be launching a new digital SLR camera tomorrow. What that camera will be is the main unknown at the moment. Canon Rumors is hinting that the camera could be new in the 1D series of DSLRs.

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Nikon D800 Likely to Get 36 Megapixel Sensor

Some technical specs of a new camera from Nikon have surfaced. The new DSLR camera is expected to be the Nikon D800 and when it launches, it will have a 36 megapixel sensor. The Nikonrumors site puts a 99% probability on this bit of information.

Nikon D700 Pictured

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CineSkates Camera Sliders Kickstarter Project

The picture below shows a camera attached to a CineSkates camera mount.

CineSkates™ are a set of three wheels that quickly attach to a tripod and enable fluid, rolling video in an ultra-portable package. Watch the video to see what they are capable of… CineSkates were used to film it!

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Microsoft Update Brings RAW Image Format Support to PC

Microsoft has released a codec pack update for Windows 7 that can read RAW format images captured on 120 digital SLR cameras. When downloaded, the new codec allows users to use Explorer or Photo Gallery to view the images. Prior to this update RAW format users had to use other 3rd party software to quickly see the images.

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Sony Alpha A35 Made Official

Sony has announced the Sony Alpha A35. The A35 is a DSLR camera that has a 16.2 megapixel Expor APS HD CMOS sensor. The camera uses Translucent Mirror technology that allows for continuous auto focus on still images as well as when capturing video.

Other features include:

Up to 7fps in Tele-zoom High Speed Shooting mode with approximately 1.4x magnification
Ultra-high quality, low noise images with up to ISO 12800
In-camera ‘Picture Effect’ enhances stills or HD video

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Cisco Flip Shutting Down

You are probably more than aware of Flip cameras. Over the last few years, the company behind the camera became quite popular in the blogosphere due to the cameras they created that could easily connect to a USB port on a computer transfer captured video to YouTube and other video services.

The company originally behind it was Pure Digital Technologies who sold out to Cisco for $590 million. We now hear that Cisco is closing the division down and along with it, 550 employees will also go. [Read more…]

Nikon D5100 Announced

The D5100 is a new digital SLR from Nikon that has been described as being for the advanced beginner. The camera is a successor to the older D5000.

The D5100 can capture both still and full HD video at 1080p. When capturing in full HD, you have the option of 24/25 or 30 frames per second. On the back you’ll find an articulating display that measures 3 inches (about 921k dots) and is capable of relaying Live View.

The sensor found inside is 16.2 megapixels which is the same as the high-end consumer camera called the D7000. [Read more…]

Instapaper for iOS Updated to Version 3.0

The popular Instapaper app for iPhone and iPad has received a major update today. The new version is 3.0 and it brings a number new features that according to the developer, makes it the largest Instapaper update to date.

New features include Sharing, Likes, Connecting with Friends, Editors Pick as well as a completely written web browser. A number of other features and bug fixes can also be found in the update. [Read more…]