Five Generations of iPhone Cameras Compared

If you want to know how the camera in the iPhone has changed since launching in 2007, take a look at the comparison shots below. What we see here are five generations of iPhone cameras which start at the original iPhone and then on to the iPhone 3G, 3GS, 4 and finally the new 4S. It’s quite amazing to see how Apple has managed to improve the quality as much as it has in just a few years.

The reason for the increase is related to better quality sensors in each of the iPhone models as new ones are launched. Megapixels increase each time as does the sensitivity of the sensor which is built to capture more light. Lens technology also plays a large factor in the quality of camera. It isn’t clear if Apple will continue to add more megapixels on each generation or if it will focus on the sensitivity of the sensor and on the quality of lens.

This comparison shot could also be done with any smartphone over the last few years as the above and below pictures show the progress of smartphone cameras in general.

If you click on source link 1 below, you’ll also get comparisons of other cameras as well.

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