Sony CyberShot with 3G Connection Rumored

We received info today hinting that Sony could be looking at introducing 3G connectivity in to a new CyberShot camera. In doing so, it would allow the camera to be cloud based so to speak. The 3G enabled CyberShot digital camera would work in a similar way to how a camera with an Eye-fi card works in that pictures are captured and then transmitted to an online storage area such as Flickr or an FTP account. By bundling in a 3G connection in the camera, it bypassed the need to be in a WiFi enabled area and thus, becomes a lot more convenient.

We also hear that the 3G connection could be free to use, much like the Amazon Kindle uses for downloading books. For those who are light users, they wouldn’t need to pay, but for those who are pro users, a small charge maybe required. [Read more…]

Sony A77 DSLR Announced

The Sony A77 is the new replacement for the previous Sony A700 DSLR.

One of the more obvious changes to looks to be a transparent case although this is just a teaser image for now. One of the big changes is that this particular digital SLR camera uses a transparent mirror inside. This mirror is the same one that first showed up last year on the A55 and A33 cameras. What the transparent mirror does is allow for real-time autofocus when capturing both stills and HD video. [Read more…]

Olympus Megazoom SZ-10 and VR-320 Announced

Olympus has announced a couple of new cameras called the SZ-10 and the VR-320.

The SZ-10 has a 14.1 megapixel sensor and the camera uses the TruPic III+ image processor for sorting images out. The LCD on the back measures 3 inches and has a higher resolution when compared to previous cameras in this range. [Read more…]

Canon Introduce Canon T3i and T3 Digital SLR Cameras

Canon has announced two new digital SLR cameras called the Canon T3i and the T3. The T3i (also known as the 600D in the UK) is a step up from the Canon T2i that launched last year. This model has an 18 megapixel CMOS sensor similar to what is found in the EOS 550D, 60D and 7D although Photo Radar comment that the sensor is slightly different although it’s unclear in what ways. The sensor allows it to capture full HD video.

The Canon T3i has an articulating LCD screen that can move out and swivel around for times when the camera needs to be held low or high, or at some obscure angle. This particular model sits at the top of the entry-level stack of cameras while the Canon T3 is designed more for beginners to use. [Read more…]

Panasonic Lumix Point and Shoot Cameras Unveiled

Panasonic has announced four new point and shoot cameras that fall into the Lumix range. These four cameras follow on from eight that were announced just a couple of weeks ago at CES.

The new cameras are the ZS10, ZS8, FX78, and TS3 which have a number of features all of which are explained below.

The Lumix ZS10 and the ZS8 each have a zoom lens capable of an optical zoom of 16 times. Each has a 14.1 megapixel sensor with the ZS10 being capable of capturing video at 1080p while the ZS8 is restricted to 720p. The ZS10 has a 24mm wide angle lens and has a 3 inch touchscreen. A 3D mode is also included with this camera. [Read more…]

Apple iPhone Camera Patents Uncovered

Apple [AAPL] over the past week has had 10 patents published which all relate to cameras used in the iPhone and other iOS devices.

What the patents reveal are methods that Apple has researched to improve the quality of images created by a digital camera. The patents include a Skin Tone Mask, a way to diminish photo blur, radially-based chroma noise reduction as well as color boosting. [Read more…]

Canon PowerShot SD4000 Deal

Amazon has the Canon PowerShot SD4000IS on offer today. The full price is normally $299.99, but today Amazon has taken 30% off the price bringing it down to $209.00 which is a $90.99 saving.

The Canon PowerShot camera comes in three colors which are black, red and silver. As for the most important part, the technical specs, the camera has a 10 megapixel CMOS sensor. It has 3.8 times optical zoom and a large aperture at f/2.0. [Read more…]

Canon EOS 5D Mk II and 7D Get Optional Locking Dial

Canon has announced a service that allows you to purchase a Canon EOS 5D Mark II or EOS 7D with a lockable dial. What this does is allows you to push a button down and lock the dial in place to prevent you knocking it in the middle of a photo shoot.

The service is an optional extra that has a price tag of $100. [Read more…]

The Hobbit To Be Shot with 30 RED Epic Cameras

The Hobbit is about to start filming. We learn today that Peter Jackson has chosen to use 30 EPIC Digital Cameras from the RED Digital Cinema company.

The EPIC has a 5K resolution and is capable of capturing up to 120 frames per second. A HDRx mode is included that gives the highest dynamic range of any cinema camera ever made. [Read more…]

Canon 4K Camera Breaks DSLR Mold

Canon has unveiled a design of a new camera. This particular camera has a 4K sensor capable of capturing video at 60 frames per second with a resolution of 7680 x 4320. However, don’t get excited yet as Canon won’t actually be launching this camera as it’s just used as a proof of concept.

What we like about the Canon 4k is its design that breaks away from the traditional SLR and DSLR mold that has been used for so many years. This camera looks more sleek and could be the way cameras move in the future. [Read more…]

Nikon D700 with $6000 Lens Destroyed in Dragster Race

What you are looking at here is a dead Nikon D700 camera, battery grip and a $6000 Nikon 400mm 2.8 lens that was destroyed in a drag race.

The camera was being remote controlled at the time when a top fuel dragster lost control at the Auto Club Famoso in Bakersfield camera. When losing control, it went up the barrier and smacked in to the camera smashing it in to pieces. [Read more…]

iPhone 3GS gets HD Video Recording – Needs Jailbreak

The iPhone 3GS is capable of capturing video in HD according to a guide over at Redmond Pie. The guide says that the camera is capable of recording 1080×800 pixels at a frame rate of 30fps by making a small tweak to a jailbroke iPhone 3GS running iOS 4.1

The method was performed using the Limera1n iOS 4.1 jailbreak and requires that you install OpenSSH to get access to the necessary file to modify it. [Read more…]