Apple Could Make White iPhone 5

Although we are still yet to see an official White iPhone 4 arrive, we are now hearing hints that Apple is already looking forward to the White iPhone 5. The leak this time comes from sources who spoke to the Economic Daily News who have hinted that Wintek has been asked to supply touch panels for a white iPhone 5 to Apple. This contract is also said to be an exclusive for Wintek. [Read more…]

Microsoft Windows Phone 7 Update Begins Rolling Out

Microsoft [MSFT] has announced that it is rolling out a new Windows Phone 7 update, actually the first ever update for the platform.

Before you get excited about copy and paste though, this first update (first of many as the Windows Phone Blog mentions), is just a preparatory update that doesn’t change anything for the user in terms of day to day usage. Instead, the update is being used to get the phone ready for a better update process. [Read more…]

Chrome Browser May Get Vanishing Address Bar

Google [GOOG] is working on the next version of the Chrome Browser and one of the features that is currently being considered is the address bar that might vanish when moving the mouse away. The idea behind it is to save space at the top of the screen allowing for other buttons or controls, or perhaps a larger browsing window to be made available.

As well as looking in to the vanishing address bar, three other interfaces are also being considered. These include the classic, sidetab, touch and compact with classic being what you have now. The other three include the previously mentioned compact which compacts the header at the top of the page. The sidetab puts tabs down the side of the browser and the touch is being designed for touch screen devices. [Read more…]

12 More File Types Added to Google Docs Viewer

Google has updated Google Docs Viewer to now include 12 more file types.

For those not familiar with Google Docs Viewer, it is the system that Google uses to allow you to read documents found in emails without downloading the attachments, or at least thats one way to use it. Rather than cluttering your harddrive with a bunch of documents you have downloaded, the Docs Viewer lets you quickly view them in GMail for example where a webpage opens containing the document. Once verified as safe and correct, you can download if needed. [Read more…]

New Toshiba Android Honeycomb Tablet Could be the Antares

At CES earlier this year, Toshiba unveiled a new Android 3.0 Honeycomb tablet. When it was first unveiled, it ran Android 2.2 as no Android 3.0 OS was available for demonstration.

We know a lot of the specs on this device such as it having an NVIDIA Tegra 2 dual core CPU along with a 10.1 inch screen with a resolution of 1280 x 800 pixels. We also know that the battery is removable and that there’s a HDMI port and USB port. [Read more…]

Apple Could Offer a Cheaper iPhone

Large publications have recently received information that hints at a smaller iPhone launching this year, along with a regular sized device. We now hear from the NYT that the smaller phone wont be coming any time soon, but instead, the next generation iPhone will actually be cheaper.

Instead of making a cheaper iPhone that is smaller, it appears that Apple is looking at lowering the cost of the parts, hopefully not the quality, to get the price tag down. [Read more…]

Sony Ericsson Xperia Play, in White, Headed to O2

O2 in the UK will be selling an exclusive White version of the Sony Ericsson Xperia Play when it launches in the next couple of months.

Other than being in White, all the specs and finer details are exactly the same such as it running a 1GHz Qualcomm processor, along with a high res screen that can show 480 x 854 pixels. [Read more…]

MapQuest for Android Now Available

MapQuest is a service I haven’t used for a few years. However, I see they are still in the game in that they have now just released an Android App that is available free for download in the Android Market.

The MapQuest App allows another option for turn-by-turn navigation on Android based devices. Other features include voice search, walking and driving directions, live traffic, voice guided directions and points of interest. [Read more…]

Apple to Bring 3G to Next Gen MacBook Air

There seems to be plenty of rumors floating around today. The next hints at the next gen MacBook Air getting 3G connectivity built in.

The next gen MacBook Air isn’t expected till Q4 this year, but when it arrives it is expected to have more connectivity added so that it can be more easily connected online whilst on the move. [Read more…]

Sony NGP Features Dropped To Keep the Price Right

Although we think the Sony NGP (AKA PSP 2) is packed full of features that actually make it very “cool”, we learn now that it could have been better. Sony said in a recent interview that not everything they intended has made it to the PSP 2 so that they could keep the price down to an acceptable level. What that means is that you still will get the NGP you saw a few weeks ago, but had Sony not restricted it to a certain (unknown) price point, it would have been packed with even more features.

Sony doesn’t mention what those features are though unfortunately although a few lessons can be learned from the original PS3 when compared to the new one. Sony originally added a lot of features to the PS3 and gave it everything, basically you could say they “overcooked” it. Then, they realised that a huge loss was being made and when new models were launched, various features started dropping such as backwards compatibility to name one thing. [Read more…]

More Facebook Phones Arriving This Year

We’ve already seen two smartphones announced today that are designed heavily to be used with Facebook. These phones are the HTC ChaCha and the HTC Salsa.

At the HTC event in Barcelona at MWC, Mark Zuckerberg said in a video presentation that we should expect more tightly integrated Facebook smartphones this year. [Read more…]

Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 with Honeycomb to be Announced Sunday

Samsung will be announcing a new tablet this coming Sunday evening at the opening of Mobile World Congress. The new tablet will be larger than the Galaxy Tab in that it will have a 10.1 inch screen although we hear that it will also be thinner and lighter than the smaller 7 inch model.

The device name isn’t known just yet, although it could be the Galaxy Tab 2. The OS running on this new model will be Android 3.0 Honeycomb and when launched, it will go head to head with the Motorola Xoom and the iPad. [Read more…]