Android Powered Handheld – ODROID

AndroidHandheldODROID is an Android OS based gaming device that has a 3.5 inch capacitive touchscreen. The Android OS running is version 1.5.

Powering the ODROID is an 833MHz CPU and 512MB of RAM is available. The developer version is available for pre-order that comes supplied with cables needed as well as a debugging board and batteries. It costs about $320 and will ship about a month before the standard models which will be priced at $250. [Read more…]

10 More Apple Table Rumours

Screen Resolution ComparisoniLounge managed to stumble over 10 more Apple Tablet rumours. The information comes from a reliable source who managed to provide details of the iPod Nano 5G, iPhone 3G S as well as a Chinese iPhone 3G months ago.

The first rumour says that 3 separate prototypes have been created of the “iPad”. The first version had a 7″ screen which was said to be too small. The latest prototype has a 10.7″ screen. The iPad will run iPhone OS and reports also say it will actually look like an iPhone, but obviously larger. [Read more…]

HP Envy 13 Unboxed

envy-13-unbox-top05Engadget managed to get hold of a HP Envy 13 to see what it looks like and how it runs. The HP Envy 13 will launch on October 18th and will be supplied running the new Windows 7 operating system.

The Envy will cost $1,700 which is rather high. Hopefully engadget will find something in there to make it worth all that cash.

The first impressions are that it looks great, is built with incredible quality and is “intensely attractive”. [Read more…]

Light Peak Fiber Optic Technology for the PC

light_peak_FullChip_LaserOff_cropUSB 3.0 is the latest and greatest of the USB specs that is becoming available at the moment. However, Intel have some other ideas that include fibre optics for transferring data from device to device.

The new technology displayed by Intel last week at the developer forum is called Light Peak and it allows you to connect many devices to a PC with fibre optic lines. The technology might just seem like an idea for now, but Intel have managed to get endorsement from Sony and are looking to make the technology mainstream.

Intel wont be able to make this happen alone, so rather than trying it alone they are wanting to work with USB to see if they can come up with a fibre optic based USB system. [Read more…]

Dell Latitude Z 600 16″ Laptop Announced

dell_latitude_z_600_official_1Dell have released details of their latest flagship business laptop. It is named the Dell Latitude Z 600 and has a 16 inch screen that can display a resolution of 1600 x 900 pixels. The keyboard on the Dell Z 600 is backlit.

When buying the Dell Z 600 laptop you have the choice of 2 processors which include an Intel Core 2 Duo running at 1.4GHz (SU9400) or a 1.6GHz SU9600 processor. Memory wise you can opt to have up to 4GB installed as well as dual SSD drives for storage if wanted.

The Dell Z 600 laptop also has an optional wireless charging stand that costs around $200 for each of the stand and wireless module for the laptop. Also a wireless dock that houses a USB, DVI and other connections can be purchased. [Read more…]

Augmented Reality brings Google Earth to Life

Google-Earth-Augmented-RealityAlthough Google Earth is a fantastic program allowing you to quickly zoom in and out of most of the earth with an excellent amount of detail, what it still lacks is life as everything you look at is static.

A new system being tested brings real time events to Google Earth to make an augmented reality. Examples of this working could be zooming in to a road to see cars driving and pedestrians walking. The data used to generate this information actually captures the current live traffic and current locations of pedestrians to let you know how busy a certain area is. Another example allows you to zoom in to a football stadium and actually see a clip from several angles of people playing football. [Read more…]

Canon EOS 7D HD Video Test

canon_eos7d_test_rigA few weeks ago we mentioned the Canon EOS 7D was launching soon. A video has arrived on the net showing exactly what sort of 1080p quality you can expect from this camera. The video’s were captured by Dan Chung and filmed in low light using a 1600 to 6400 ISO setting.

Also, another test rig can also be viewed showing Matt Jaspers Canon EOS 7D setup. Check out the images after the jump as well as the 1080p HD video test, both look superb. [Read more…]

Haynes – The Video Gaming Manual Review

Haynes-The-Video-Gaming-Manual-Commodore-Amiga-500Haynes recently sent me their latest manual for review. When people think of Haynes in the UK, it’s normally car manuals that come to mind. In this case we are actually reviewing “The Video Gaming Manual” which is described as the essential guide to modern and retro gaming platforms.

On the cover of the manual are a bunch of old computers and consoles ranging from a ZX Spectrum, to a Sega Master System, on to a Game Cube and then to a Playstation 3. The book starts off describing what video gaming is, when it first started and the steps it took to get to where it is today. Each page is printed in full colour and each page also has plenty of images from various games with many of them being very familiar and popular games of the past. [Read more…]

iPhone on Orange Coming Soon – O2 Loose Exclusivity

o2-uk-lose-iphone-exclusivityOrange have just signed a deal with Apple that will now let them sell the iPhone 3G and iPhone 3G S. Orange will be selling them in the UK before Christmas.

This is a great move as a number of people haven’t been too pleased with how O2 handle customer service. Also there have been a few network issues where coverage is concerned and people say they haven’t been able to get the best coverage on the O2 network. Hopefully Orange’s network will prove to be better on that front. [Read more…]

Nike+ Amp iPod Watch

Nike Watch

The Nike+ Amp is a watch from Nike which you use with your Nike+ iPod running kit. The watch allows you to get instant progress on your running distance, time, speed or calories burned.

It also works as a regular watch, with a durable polyurethane strap and LED’s whch tell the time in regular mode or display the iPod Nano’s controls when being used in Nike+ mode.

The watch is reasonably priced too at $80, which I think is good since it can be used as a regular watch too! It’s currently only available in USA, but hopefully it’ll be released in Europe soon.

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New Sony RHT-G800 Cinema Stand

Sony Cinema
Personally I love huge big hi-def TV’s, and what better to acompany your nice shiny tv then this new stand from Sony, which features 5.1 built in speakers (the .1 being a subwoofer and not just a portion of a speaker). The technical people over at Sony have managed to recreate the surround sound-esque feel whilst keeping the speakers all neat and tidy within the stand. This is done to avoid the clutter that surround sound systems often create.

A touch screen remote and 4 inputs all but complete this stand allowing a plethora of devices, such as a dvd player, PS3 and even the good old Sky+ Box.

The stand will be available from May 2007, so get saving people!