Apple to Bring 3G to Next Gen MacBook Air

There seems to be plenty of rumors floating around today. The next hints at the next gen MacBook Air getting 3G connectivity built in.

The next gen MacBook Air isn’t expected till Q4 this year, but when it arrives it is expected to have more connectivity added so that it can be more easily connected online whilst on the move.

The information comes from a survey that was done that indicated 3G was something that MacBook Air users wanted from a laptop.

As well as adding 3G to the MacBook Air, if that rumor is correct, there also seems to be some call for adding 3G to MacBook Pro range.

Alternatively, Apple might push users towards using the WiFi hotspot feature being added to the iPhone in the iOS 4.3 update that is due out any time in the next few weeks. This would be a benefit in a few ways in that only 1 subscription would be required rather than one for the iPad, iPhone and MacBook model. But, it would also assume that users have an iPhone as well as a MacBook.

Via: Geeky Gadgets


  1. nowadays 3G facilities is common, we can get any laptop brand.

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