Microsoft Windows Phone 7 Update Begins Rolling Out

Microsoft [MSFT] has announced that it is rolling out a new Windows Phone 7 update, actually the first ever update for the platform.

Before you get excited about copy and paste though, this first update (first of many as the Windows Phone Blog mentions), is just a preparatory update that doesn’t change anything for the user in terms of day to day usage. Instead, the update is being used to get the phone ready for a better update process.

Microsoft announced that the update is rolling out today and that not all users will get it today. Instead, they are rolling it out over a short period of time so that the service doesn’t get clogged up.

Rather than being an OTA update, Microsoft requires you to use the Zune software on your PC and once connected up, you can download it that way. For those on an Apple Mac, you’ll need to use the latest Windows Phone 7 Connector for Mac. Once installed, connect up your phone and check for updates. If available, you’ll be able to grab it.

You are probably wondering at this point when the copy/paste update is launching. From what we have read, it will be launching within the next three weeks.

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