Chrome Browser May Get Vanishing Address Bar

Google [GOOG] is working on the next version of the Chrome Browser and one of the features that is currently being considered is the address bar that might vanish when moving the mouse away. The idea behind it is to save space at the top of the screen allowing for other buttons or controls, or perhaps a larger browsing window to be made available.

As well as looking in to the vanishing address bar, three other interfaces are also being considered. These include the classic, sidetab, touch and compact with classic being what you have now. The other three include the previously mentioned compact which compacts the header at the top of the page. The sidetab puts tabs down the side of the browser and the touch is being designed for touch screen devices.

It isn’t fully clear if Google will take this approach yet and partly, it seems to be related to the new IE9 browser that launched just recently. For those who have a low resolution screen and are limited for space, these new layouts might work well. For those with high res screens, maybe not so much as space isn’t as limited on the larger screen.

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