Apple Could Offer a Cheaper iPhone

Large publications have recently received information that hints at a smaller iPhone launching this year, along with a regular sized device. We now hear from the NYT that the smaller phone wont be coming any time soon, but instead, the next generation iPhone will actually be cheaper.

Instead of making a cheaper iPhone that is smaller, it appears that Apple is looking at lowering the cost of the parts, hopefully not the quality, to get the price tag down.

An anonymous Apple exec has also apparantly commented that having different form factors at Apple is not the way forwards for them. At any given time, there is only the one form factor launched and so far, it has had a 3.5 inch screen and a home button below that. We personally can’t see Apple making changes such as adding physical keyboards and shrinking the size down as they have had amazing success with what they have now.

We also hear that the iPhone 5 is nearly complete, so expect an announcement in June followed with a launch shortly after.

Via: Engadget

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