iPad 2 Case Shows Up Online

Another new iPad 2 case has been found at a Chinese accessory supplier. This particular case is different from the other iPad 2 case we saw a few months back in that it has different set of cutouts which give away a few things.

The new case indicates that an SD card slot is being added to the next gen iPad. Also, indications of a DisplayPort jack are also seen on the top of the case.

Other features of the case show a cut out for a camera at the back right of the device towards the top. We also see a larger speaker hole cut out which hints at a larger speaker system being added.

Other than the new cutouts for the DisplayPort (mini version), the camera and larger speaker, other cutouts are in the same location which includes the dock connector, speaker (albeit larger), power, volume.

Of course, we might not be looking at official designs here, but what we do know is that they follow on with all the iPad 2 rumors we have been reading for the last few months.

Expect the iPad 2 release date to be around the beginning of April.

Via: Apple Insider


  1. ipad 2 accessories says

    i just read that the ipad 2 will be announced on the 2nd of march

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