Sprint to Introduct $10 Data Fee for New Customers

Beginning January 30th this year, Sprint will introduce a $10 fee for users of 3G data plans. This fee will apply to new customers only although this might effect customers who come to renew their contract after the said date.

The $10 fee is a monthly charge and is another way to charge users more for data. As we reported earlier today, 10 percent of users are responsible for 90% of the data usage. Rather than going for the 10 percent, which we guess they can’t do if they offered the terms of the contract, Sprint seems to be spreading the charge amongst all 100% of 3G data users.

Due to the influx of mobile phones as well as 3G connected tablets, the amount of data used is going through the roof. Limits are being added on various networks to attempt to cap the usage of those who use high amounts.

Nothing in return is being given to customers in terms of speed. Basically, a 2 year agreement will now be $240 more over the course of those two years.

I’m not sure what users like best… being limited to 500MB or 1GB/month or having to pay more for data.

Via: Geeky Gadgets and Android Community


  1. This is an overall terrible decision by Sprint. At a time when Verizon (the better network) is hyping up the iPhone 4 (the most popular phone), many people are reconsidering their carrier options. It is overwhelming/sickening to see the current carrier advertisement battles. Sprint’s charging $10 for 3G (not even 4G) data plans that include budget phones like the Optimus S. Sprint was taking baby steps forward with its customer service and overall network, but this additional $10 charge is a huge step back.

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