90 Percent of Data Used by 10 Percent of Users – Study

Researchers have found that 10 percent of data users are responsible for 90 percent of data used on mobile networks.

The information also suggests that in 2011, 60 percent of data usage will be video. With this information in mind, Bytemobile suggests that in 2011 operators will use smart capacity on networks so that data can be kept under control. The smart capacity solutions use a number of functions which include caching, filtering, policy enforcement as well as capacity control, all of which are designed to give users a decent service although high end users might see problems with data running slower.

In the UK we have already seen T-Mobile announce that it’s Unlimited (limited) cap is being dropped to just 500MB (was 3GB) for new customers (as of February this year). Three goes opposite and gives a complete unlimited One Plan as it’s called. Networks need to keep on top of things this year as more tablets being added to networks will crush the capacity if they are not prepared for it.

Ofcom is already overseeing a process where more radio spectrum is handed out so that capacity can be increased here in the UK.

Via: Telegraph

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