iPad 2 Case Points Towards Rear Camera

Some cases have started showing up for the iPad 2 over the last couple of days. All of them have a small hole on the top left (when viewed from behind) that indicates a camera is coming to the back of the device. The cases also have the same sections cut out that we see on cases for the current iPad… ie, the dock connector, speaker and volume buttons as well as power and headphones.

Things we noticed is that the speaker cut out is slightly larger than before, perhaps a larger speaker or something else is coming. There’s also no landscape dock connector on the iPad 2 case.

Of course, these could all be a bunch of fakes and it wouldn’t surprise me if they were, but it’s still interesting enough to post. One thing about the camera hole is that its rounded and doesn’t look to make space for a flash which we would expect to see.

There’s more cases to look at over at MacRumors. Also, have a look at the video below to see a few of them.

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