iPad 2 Mockup Pictured

We’re just days away from the unveiling of the Apple iPad 2 and what we see here is a mockup of what it could look like.

What makes this mockup more possible is that it apparently has been created by an iPad case manufacturer over in Japan and was designed using the exact dimensions that are provided to those manufacturers so they can create the necessary cases. [Read more…]

Apple Store Down – As Expected

As expected, Apple [AAPL] has taken down the Apple store in various countries. The store went down this morning and is expected to be down for the next couple of hours.

When the store loads back up, we expect to see details of the new MacBook Pro range included and at a push… a white iPhone 4? We doubt the latter, but the former of the two is certainly expected. [Read more…]

Barnes and Noble Nook Owns 25% E-Book Share in US

Barnes & Noble has announced that the Nook eBook reader accounts for 25 percent of the eBook market in the US.

“We intend for Barnes & Noble to be a leader in the exploding market for digital content”. “We now represent 25 percent of the e-book market in the U.S., larger than our share in physical books. We sell twice as many e-books as all formats of physical books combined on BN.com.” [Read more…]

iPad 2 Invites Arrive – March 2 As Expected

Earlier today, rumors hinted that Apple [AAPL] would be holding an iPad event on the 2nd March. This rumor has now been confirmed by the way of an invite as pictured above.

The iPad 2 will be announced this coming Wednesday along with what we believe to be pricing and an official release date. It isn’t clear if the iPad 2 will be released in mid to late March or early April, but expect it a few weeks after the announcement next week. [Read more…]

Fake iPad 2 Review Video Uploaded

Check out the video below showing the new iPad 2 being reviewed. Included in the video is a run down of the apps available as well as the new voice command features. Specifically check out the GPS, iRemote and various other apps that are included.

The iPad 2 video review can be found below: [Read more…]

Larger Glass Trackpads Coming to MacBook Pro Update

Rumors are heating up in regards to the expected MacBook Pro updates coming this Thursday. What is being reported this time around is that shipments will start this Thursday although customers will not received them for a couple of weeks.

BGR also reports that each new MacBook Pro model will include a larger glass multitouch pad. Another interesting leaked bit of information indicates that the new laptops will also feature a combination of SSD and hard drive for OS and file storage. [Read more…]

Sony Announce Vaio C and S Series

Sony has introduced updates to the Vaio C and S series line of notebooks.

The Vaio S series has a unique selling point in that it has two battery options available. The standard Vaio S ships with a single battery that is good to power the notebook for about 7 hours. An optional second battery is available that can be charged from a PC and can connect to the Vaio while it’s still switched on. When connected, it further boosts battery life another 7 hours giving 14 hours in total. This is more than enough for a full days work and will certainly be an advantage to Sony. [Read more…]

MacBook Pro Trademark Hints at Light Peak

Following on from yesterdays news about the possibility of Light Peak technology being added to the rumored MacBook Pro updates that are expected this week, Patently Apple has managed to dig up a trademark that was filed earlier this month by Apple.

The patent forms part of a MacBook Pro trademark filing that hints at some kind of fiber optic connection being added to future iterations of the laptop. This, mixed with the news yesterday, is providing a bit more evidence that Apple could be including a new high speed connector in their new devices. [Read more…]

HP TouchPad Rumored for April Launch

About 2 weeks ago, HP announced the first webOS based tablet… the HP TouchPad. After hearing about all the specs and about the new version of webOS that will ship on the device, we were only given a vague release date of sometime in the summer. No pricing was provided.

We now hear from DigiTimes that HP could be shipping the tablet in March which in turn, will see HP selling the TouchPad as early as April. [Read more…]

Android Gets a 3rd Party Windowed Interface

Ixonos is a Finnish company that is in the process of designing and building an interface for Android 3.0 tablets. The new interface is designed to bring a windowed approach to the tablet that allows users to move apps around in windows on the screen.

This new interface brings a familiar desktop feel to tablet computers allowing, for example, the mail app to be opened and resized in a window on the left of the screen, while the right side of the screen could house a browser. You’re not just restricted to two windows either as windows can be dragged and resized and put any where on the screen, as well as overlapping each other like found on a desktop. [Read more…]

Dell Tablet Roadmap Hints at Windows 8 Early 2012

Android Central managed to get hold of a roadmap from Dell about which tablets are being released over the coming year.

Something interesting was found at the end of the time scale for January 2012, that interesting item is a reference to a Windows 8 tablet. Speculation has now begun that Microsoft [MSFT] could begin using Window 8 on tablets as early as the first quarter of 2012 although a number of people have questioned if 1Q2012 is just a bit too soon. [Read more…]

MacBook Pro Refresh Hinted At

A new MacBook Pro is about due, and we now are beginning to see hints that this is indeed the case. What we see today is that supplies are starting to dry up in various countries around the world. One of those is particular areas of the world is Asia where MacBook Pros are now shipping in 2 to 4 business days rather than in 24 hours.

To add to this, several other reports have also leaked information that show five new MacBook Pro models will be launched. As well as finding this information out, some model numbers were also provided which includes the MC720, MC721, MC723, MC724 and MC725. This is actually 1 model short of the six currently available MacBook Pros. This could mean that the larger 17 inch model is being dropped, but more likely that the mid range 15 inch model is being dropped. [Read more…]