MacBook Pro Trademark Hints at Light Peak

Following on from yesterdays news about the possibility of Light Peak technology being added to the rumored MacBook Pro updates that are expected this week, Patently Apple has managed to dig up a trademark that was filed earlier this month by Apple.

The patent forms part of a MacBook Pro trademark filing that hints at some kind of fiber optic connection being added to future iterations of the laptop. This, mixed with the news yesterday, is providing a bit more evidence that Apple could be including a new high speed connector in their new devices.

The below text indicates how the new system could work:

In that patent report we stated the following: “Apple’s patent FIG. 11 illustrates a power and data transfer system. Data received at the data connections is converted to optical data by the power and data adapter and provided to the connector insert via the fiber-optic and DC power cable. Data received at the connector insert is received by the power and data adapter, again via the fiber-optic and DC power cable. The power and data adapter could then convert this data and provide it on the appropriate connector.”

This may or may not come to light this week when a new MacBook Pro lineup is announced. However, the patent mixed with CNETs sources appear to be hinting that we could see some kind of high speed connection being launched this week.

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