Sony Announce Vaio C and S Series

Sony has introduced updates to the Vaio C and S series line of notebooks.

The Vaio S series has a unique selling point in that it has two battery options available. The standard Vaio S ships with a single battery that is good to power the notebook for about 7 hours. An optional second battery is available that can be charged from a PC and can connect to the Vaio while it’s still switched on. When connected, it further boosts battery life another 7 hours giving 14 hours in total. This is more than enough for a full days work and will certainly be an advantage to Sony.

Technical specs of the Vaio S reveal that it will have a 13.3 inch screen that has a resolution of 1366 x 768 pixels. An Intel Core i5 processor can be found inside. It has plenty of storage at 500GB and RAM is 4GB which is also plenty for a notebook.

The graphics card inside is a Radeon HD 6000 series that has an optional half or full GB of memory. Prices for the Vaio S haven’t been revealed yet, but expect it to arrive by the end of March.

As for the Vaio C, this particular model comes with a larger 14 inch screen. An HD webcam is built in which uses the popular Exmor sensor found in larger digital cameras. The keyboard is backlit and full pitch and this is complemented by a multi-touch touchpad.

On to the technical specs we note that it also has the Intel Core i5 processor inside. For graphics it uses the AMD Radeon HD 6470M. For storage, it has a 320GB hard drive and it also has the same 4GB of RAM that the Vaio S includes. This particular notebook runs the Windows 7 Home Premium operating system.

As with the Vaio S, the Vaio C has no pricing revealed just yet although the release date is also listed as being sometime in March.

Via: Pocket-Lint

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