iPhone Headphones Created to Measure Heart Rate

Some new headphones/earphones have been created for the iPhone that allows you to monitor your heartrate. The normal way apps measure your heartrate is by using data collected from a device wrapped around your chest.

The new headphones are capable of sitting in your ears and use a device that measures information in the tissues of your ear. This data is collected and displayed on the screen of the iPhone. All the user needs to do is wear the earphones and listen to music as normal and the data is collected. [Read more…]

Nexus S Video Calls Made Possible with Tango

When Google [GOOG] launched the Nexus S a week or so ago, it became apparent that the front facing camera could not be utilised for video calling due to software not being updated (such as Google Talk and other apps).

Good news is that the Tango app has now received an update that brings video calling to the Nexus S smartphone. The application is free and comes with an update note saying that it now supports the front facing camera on the Google Nexus S. [Read more…]

IN MEDIA Windows 7 Tablet Announced

IN Media has announced that it will be launching a new tablet in 2011. The tablet will be running the Windows 7 operating system and will run a 1.66GHz Intel Atom Processor. For storage it will use a hard drive with a capacity of 160GB.

A HDMI interface is included on the device allowing users to play content over a TV or projector. The device will have a 6 inch screen that is LCD which the company says brings Skype and Social Networking to a whole new level. We are not so sure at the moment what that actually means. [Read more…]

Android Pantech Vega X Launches

Pantech is launching the Pantech Vega X smartphone this week over in South Korea. The device will be landing on the KT and LG telecom networks.

OS wise, it runs Android 2.2 and is powered by a 1GHz Snapdragon processor. A large 4 inch WVGA screen is used on the device. On the back is a 5 megapixel camera. [Read more…]

Mobile Safari on iPhone iOS 4.2 Can Access Gyro

Mobile Safari on the iPhone 4 and latest gen iPod touch has access to the gyroscope it has been revealed. This ability comes from the latest version of iOS which is currently iOS 4.2.1.

What this does is lets the browser be controlled by the Gyroscope built in to the latest iOS devices. An example can be found at the URL… . [Read more…]

Google Nexus S Now On Sale in UK

After a 2 day delay, the Google Nexus S is now available in the UK to buy. The Nexus S is currently available at the Carphone Warehouse where a couple of different price points are available. The first is the option to buy it SIM Free which has a price tag of £429.99, and the second is to get it free on contract for £30/month (24 months). [Read more…]

LG Optimus 2X To Arrive on T-Mobile in March

Last week, LG announced the new LG Optimus 2X along with details of where it will be launching. The 2X is first starting off in Korea and shortly after will be moving to Asia and Europe. However, there was no mention of the Optimus 2X coming to America.

We now hear that it will indeed be arriving in the US, although the information is from a leaked bit of information from someone who has it “on good authority”. [Read more…]

Amazon Kindle Sales Could Reach 8 Million in 2010

Amazon hasn’t provided sales figures in regards to the Amazon Kindle. However, estimations are hinting that the company could possibly sell a total of 8 million units by the end of this year.

A couple of months ago, estimations were hinting that around 4 million would be sold by the end of this year, so these new numbers seem to shed a bit of a different light on things. [Read more…]

First ELSE Mobile Phone Hands-On

We managed to test the First ELSE Mobile Phone from a new company called ELSE Mobile at CES this week. From the few minutes we got to play with the phone you can tell they have a very unique and smart approach to the phone design. It was immediately easy to use and intuitive.

The keyboard was really good at figuring out what you typing, and despite it being small, it was pretty accurate. For being a pre-production phone, the UI was extremely fluid. The phone app was really cool. [Read more…]

CoPilot Live 8 for Netbooks/Laptops/Android and iPhone on Show

ALK Technologies were demonstrating their latest version of CoPilot Live 8 at CES running on the iPhone, Google Nexus One and a Dell Inspiron 1110 Netbook. Version 8 of the software has been available for several months now, but on display they were showing what they are capable of including what systems they support.

CoPilot Live 8 stores map data on the memory card of your phone meaning that you do not need to rely on a data connection for it to function. This makes navigation a little more reliable for times when the phone lacks signal. At this point other “on-line” navigation programs can fail you. [Read more…]

Kodak PlaySport Zx3 Pocket Camera is Waterproof

At CES, Kodak had their Kodak PlaySport Zx3 camcorder on show that is capable of capturing HD video at 1080p. The camera is similar to the Zi8 and has many of the same features but now with added ruggedness as well as being waterproof up to 3 meters.

When launched the Zx3 will cost $149.99 but you’ll need to supply your own memory card as the camcorder has very little internal memory. The camera supports up to a 32GB memory card which allows it to capture up to 10 hours of HD video. [Read more…]

HTC Portfolio for 1H 2010 Revealed

HTC-LegendOver on XDA developers there’s an interesting thread that reveals upcoming phones for the 1st half of next year. Included in the set of phones are five Android based phones along with three devices running Windows Phone. Pocketnow wonder why only 3 windows phone’s were only mentioned and suggest it could be related to a second half 2010 release of Windows Mobile 7.

From the XDA thread we read that HTC has four categories of phone which includes Design / Lifestyle, Social, Performance, Productivity.


Two phones listed in this category which are the HTC Legend and HTC Salsa.


The social category also brings two phones which are called the HTC Tide and HTC Buzz.


The performance category gets one phone called the HTC Bravo.


The final category called Productivity gets three phones called the HTC Photon, HTC Trophy and HTC Tera. [Read more…]