MacBook Pro Refresh Hinted At

A new MacBook Pro is about due, and we now are beginning to see hints that this is indeed the case. What we see today is that supplies are starting to dry up in various countries around the world. One of those is particular areas of the world is Asia where MacBook Pros are now shipping in 2 to 4 business days rather than in 24 hours.

To add to this, several other reports have also leaked information that show five new MacBook Pro models will be launched. As well as finding this information out, some model numbers were also provided which includes the MC720, MC721, MC723, MC724 and MC725. This is actually 1 model short of the six currently available MacBook Pros. This could mean that the larger 17 inch model is being dropped, but more likely that the mid range 15 inch model is being dropped.

As well as hearing rumors from an unknown Apple employee, we also hear that Apple could refresh the models as early as next week. As of now, there have been no invites handed out by Apple that indicate an announcement is being made, however, it could be sent by press release like in the past.

Although nothing is set in stone with these rumors, the MacBook Pro is due a refresh in the near future, so expect to see details within the next two weeks, perhaps as early as next week as to what the new models are and how much they will cost.

We’ll cover each model at gadgetvenue and give the full run-down as details appear.

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