Android Gets a 3rd Party Windowed Interface

Ixonos is a Finnish company that is in the process of designing and building an interface for Android 3.0 tablets. The new interface is designed to bring a windowed approach to the tablet that allows users to move apps around in windows on the screen.

This new interface brings a familiar desktop feel to tablet computers allowing, for example, the mail app to be opened and resized in a window on the left of the screen, while the right side of the screen could house a browser. You’re not just restricted to two windows either as windows can be dragged and resized and put any where on the screen, as well as overlapping each other like found on a desktop.

When launched, Ixonos will launch as an app. What makes this a little different to Android 3.0 and the widgets it uses is that we are referring to full apps running in windows and not just widget information.

Trusted Reviews managed to capture the video below with a brief demonstration of what can be done. What are your thoughts? Is this a much needed feature, or are the 10 inch or so screens found on Android devices a little small to section off apps in windows?

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