Android Google Maps Update Brings NFC Support and a Few UI Tweaks

Google Maps for Android has been updated in preparation for the launch of 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. The details on the Android Market page only shows that the app has been update to include “Reduced app storage size with downloads for different screen resolutions” although Phandroid has managed to take a closer look at the app to see a few more changes within.

One of the new changes includes the addition of Android Beam which is a way that two devices can connect to each other over the NFC chip built in to the Galaxy Nexus (and some other Android smartphones).

Another addition also includes a few slight UI tweaks that shows a few little changes to the design to make it look more ICS rather than Gingerbread styled. This will likely update automatically depending on what version of the OS you have installed.

The update is available now although it wont really bring anything to those who download it as none of you will yet be running Ice Cream Sandwich other than a few developers who have managed to create a ROM and install it on their Nexus S smartphone.

Available at the Android Market now.

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