12 Petabytes of Storage Solution Purchased by Apple – iTunes Cloud Coming?

Apple is rumored to have purchased 12 Petabytes of storage. The exact reason is unknown although we hear it’s to complement the storage space for iTunes video.

The information comes from Storage Newsletter who found out from an “inside source” about the purchase of the storage solution.

Rumors of a digital storage service… aka iTunes Cloud, have been going around for a while now and perhaps the purchase of this amount of storage space could be for the service to launch within a few months time.

To give you a quick understanding of what a Petabyte is, we turned to Google to search for it and came up with this explanation from here:

Petabyte: A Petabyte is approximately 1,000 Terabytes or one million Gigabytes. It’s hard to visualize what a Petabyte could hold. 1 Petabyte could hold approximately 20 million 4-door filing cabinets full of text. It could hold 500 billion pages of standard printed text. It would take about 500 million floppy disks to store the same amount of data.

Expect to hear more in the coming months about a possible iTunes cloud launch.

Via: Geeky Gadgets

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