Keyboardless webOS Smartphone Leaked

The device pictured here is what is believed to be a webOS based keyboardless smartphone.

The photo was sent to PreCentral by a tipster. The device is believed to be the Stingray, which its codename appeared in webOS recently.

The screen size isn’t known, other than best guesses by looking at the above image, although the screen resolution is expected to be 480×800 pixels.

It isn’t known if the device is just a prototype that wont launch, or if it is just yet to be announced. The tipster also commented that the device is similar to an EVO other than it runs webOS.

We also see on the front of the device what looks to be a front facing camera.

We might hear more about this, or it could be the last we see. We’ll keep an eye out for it and report back with any findings.

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