Any Glove turns any gloves in to Touchscreen Friendly Gloves

Any Glove is a product that turns any gloves in to touchscreen capable gloves. Each bottle contains around 550 drops that can be put on to any type of glove and when soaked in, it allows them to somehow work with capacitive touchscreens.

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Self Stirring Pot – The Kurukuru Nabe

Another one for those who prefer to automate some tasks. We already took a look at the robot screen cleaner a few moments ago. Next we have a self-stirring pot that simply stirs your food for you while cooking in the pan.

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Robotic Smartphone and Tablet Screen Cleaner

If using a cloth to wipe your screen is just too far below you, then perhaps this robot screen cleaner is for you. The Auto Mee S is a device that rolls around the screen of your smartphone or tablet and gently cleans the screen for you. One clean takes a few minutes to complete.

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Alternative iPhone Finder

When most people lose an iPhone they would typically fire up the free Find my iPhone app on an iPad or log in to to locate their device on a map. The iPhone Finder is a device that helps you locate a device in close range to you.

The device works with Bluetooth to pair up to an iPhone that is within 25 feet of it. When it detects the phone it wakes an app that can then be used to make sounds and vibrations helping you track your phone down.

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Quite Pro Super Quiet Keyboard

If the sound of a regular mechanical keyboard is annoying you like crazy, but you still want that mechanical feel then perhaps the Quiet Pro is an option worth looking at. The keyboard has been designed to be extremely quiet when compared to other similar keyboards. According to the specs, it claims to be the worlds quietest mechanical keyboard.

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Water Resistant Wireless/Bluetooth Speaker

This speaker is both waterproof and wireless allowing you to use it near a sink or bath without the risk of breaking it.

The wireless connection works over bluetooth and allows a device such as an iPhone, iPad or Android smartphone to transmit music up to 30 feet away. This simply means that you can keep the speaker in the bathroom and the phone away from the water in another room.

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The Terrainator Lets you 3D Print Terrain

The Terrainator is a unique site that allows you to select a region to have printed in 3D. It works by zooming in to a map of a terrain, such as the Rocky Mountains pictured below, selecting the area you want printing in 3D and then proceeding to the checkout to have it printed in 3D.

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PoolLiveAid Helps Get the Perfect Shot (Video)

A video uploaded to YouTube shows a device called the PoolLiveAid that detects the angle of the cue and then projects lines on to the table to show where the ball will bounce to. When contact with another ball is detected it will also show where the other ball will end up going.

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Doodle Placemats for Entertaining the Children at the Dinner Table

Doodle Placemats allow you to scribble on them while waiting for your dinner to arrive. They are made from 100% cotton and each pack comes with washable-ink markers allowing children to scribble on them to pass some time.

Each pack contains 4 table mats and a set of pens that are safe to be used with the mats.

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Evernote for iOS Update Arrives

Evernote has updated the Evernote app for iOS devices. The universal app update covers the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch versions.

New features include snippets, an updated PDF engine, more formatting options, Evernote Business integration and the usual various bug fixes.

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NanoLight Energy Efficient Lightbulb

Due to the rising costs of electricity, I am always looking for cheaper alternatives to lower the power consumption I use. The NanoLight is one such device that will help with this. I came across the project on Kickstarter today although it was launched almost 2 months ago.

The NanoLight claims to be the worlds most efficient lightbulb. It has been designed with a unique look which serves a purpose of both directing light in all directions as well as acting in place of a heat sink.

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Always Know Where Magnetic North is with the North Paw Directional Anklet Kit

The North Paw Directional Anklet is a device that you attach to your ankle. Its only purpose in life is to vibrate when you are facing north.

As the “kit” part of the name suggests, it actually comes in kit form and requires that you do a bit of soldering and general assembly to get it working.

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