The Pen Sized Scanner With Laser Guides

This pen shaped scanner allows you to conveniently and quickly capture text on a page by simply hovering the pen over the document.

Integrated in to the pen is a 5 megapixel camera capable of capturing images at a resolution of 2048 x 1536 pixels. Although the laser guide looks a little fake on the image below, we actually hear that the pen does this to some extent. What you do is hold the pen a few inches above the page, push the scan button half way to enable the laser guide, match up the area you want to scan and then push the button all the way to capture the shot.

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Enterus Door Mat

If you want a door mat shaped like an enter key then look no further. The Enterus Door Mat has been designed to look as such and simply shows the enter word with an arrow.

The mat is made of a durable coconut fibre making it last for years of usage.

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Lomography Smartphone Film Scanner

This device works in a similar way to the superior slide and negative to digital picture converter that I wrote about the other day. However, this particular version uses either an iPhone or Android phone to capture the images.

As the post title suggests, it is also incorporates Lomo technology.

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The Cosmologists Watch

This watch contains all the major constellations that can be seen in the northern hemisphere. The watch part is quartz which allows it to keep relatively accurate time.

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Very Early iPhone Prototype Revealed

THe picture below shows a very early prototype iPhone. The device measures 5 x 7 inches and has exposed circuit boards along with a number of regular ports such as a serial port, ethernet and USB. It was posted by ARS who got their information from an ex Apple employee who worked on the project (but wants to remain anonymous).

The device is said to be a development prototype so that developers could test software on a real device. Of couse, the physical appearance isn’t even close to the iPhone, but it was good enough to run the necessary software to get the company going.

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MakerBot Moves in to 3D Scanning with Digitizer Desktop 3D Scanner

MakerBot is becoming well known for making affordable 3D printers. This has made printing a 3D object a fairly easy task. What remains difficult is creating the 3D design that the MakerBot needs to print from.

To solve this problem, MakerBot is now working on the Digitizer Desktop 3D Scanner. This device is used to scan a 3D object, turn it in to a 3D drawing file which can then be sent to the MakerBot printer and be printed. ie… a full replicator service.

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The Superior Slide and Negative to Digital Picture Converter

If you search around your loft or basement for long enough, you’ll probably come across some old slides and negatives from pictures you took before digital cameras took off. These pictures often get damaged over time and if left out in sunlight, they also fade away gradually and lose colour.

The “Superior Slide and Negative to Digital Picture Converter” is a device that is able to capture images from negatives and slides at a resolution of 14 megapixels.

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iPhone Gets a Case Designed Like Lego

Lego has been popular for many years now. We recently wrote about a Lego inspired mug. Today its time to take a look at the Lego inspired iPhone case.

It is called the BrickCase and is available for both the iPhone 4(S) and iPhone 5. It comes just as the case in 5 different colours which includes black, blue, glow in the dark, green and red. It doesn’t come with the phone (of course), or bricks but is compatible with bricks that are likely in each of your homes.

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Ninja BBQ Set

ninja_bbq_setA different approach to cooking on a BBQ is to use some ninja tools to flip burgers. This Ninja BBQ set has been designed to look a little different in that each has a handle looks like the handle of a ninja sword.

In the pack you get a BBQ fork and spatula. The handles are made of plastic, so don’t let them melt by leaving them on the BBQ.

Other specs show that they are dishwasher friendly and that they measure 16.5″ long. [Read more…]

JackPod Smartphone Tripod Mount

The JackPod is another great idea that I just came across on Kickstarter. It is a device that you plug in to the 3.5mm headphone jack on your smartphone and use that as a mounting point for a tripod.

The details show that it can mount any smartphone that uses any case safely on to a tripod so you can get steadier shots.

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The Quiet Hair Dryer

Hair dryers can be annoyingly loud. As the title of the post suggests, this model is different as it is described as being quiet.

According to the technical details of the quiet hairdryer, a regular one has a dB level of 81.8 while the quiet version generates 72.8dB which apparently makes a big difference. It uses 1500 watt electric motor that forces air out of it at 48MPH.

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Dummy Cursors Distract Onlookers from Seeing Your Password

Entering passwords on a system can be risky if done in a public place where onlookers are watching what you do. A new system has been created that adds a swarm of moving cursors to the screen so that it helps mask and confuse onlookers as to which mouse cursor is the real one.

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