Quite Pro Super Quiet Keyboard

If the sound of a regular mechanical keyboard is annoying you like crazy, but you still want that mechanical feel then perhaps the Quiet Pro is an option worth looking at. The keyboard has been designed to be extremely quiet when compared to other similar keyboards. According to the specs, it claims to be the worlds quietest mechanical keyboard.


The keyboard comes in two types with one being a Windows version and the other being a Mac version. Prices are identical for both.

Other features include 3 USB 2.0 ports, laser-etched keys as well as a 6ft cable to attach it to your computer.

For a comparison of how loud it is compared to other keyboards, check out the sound box over on ThinkGeek to listen to it in action.

As for the price, it is $149.99 for each model which will possibly put a number of you off, but for that little extra quietness it “might” be worth it.

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