Water Resistant Wireless/Bluetooth Speaker

This speaker is both waterproof and wireless allowing you to use it near a sink or bath without the risk of breaking it.

The wireless connection works over bluetooth and allows a device such as an iPhone, iPad or Android smartphone to transmit music up to 30 feet away. This simply means that you can keep the speaker in the bathroom and the phone away from the water in another room.


The speaker is powered by 8 AA batteries which last about four hours, so I recommend some decent rechargeables as it could get quite expensive to run if you opt for a different route. The waterproof speaker can give out 10 watts of power which is likely to be ample for most people. Size wise, it measures 9 x 5.75 x 5 inches and weighs 2.75 lbs.

It is available soon from Hammacher and costs $99.95. The ship date is currently March 28th.


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