PoolLiveAid Helps Get the Perfect Shot (Video)

A video uploaded to YouTube shows a device called the PoolLiveAid that detects the angle of the cue and then projects lines on to the table to show where the ball will bounce to. When contact with another ball is detected it will also show where the other ball will end up going.


The video, embedded below, shows a ball being hit in to the middle pocket and then another ball on a second shot being hit in to a pocket. The idea is great and it reminds me of playing pool on the old Amiga and other old computers.

The main problem with this type of system is that its very hard to detect spin and also hard to detect where the ball was hit and where it will end up. It appears to assume that you are hitting the ball dead on centre with no spin etc…

Either way, I quite like the idea and its certainly one way to make the game a little easier. If you want to take a read of thoughts of people on Reddit, then check out this thread.

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