Evernote for iOS Update Arrives

Evernote has updated the Evernote app for iOS devices. The universal app update covers the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch versions.

New features include snippets, an updated PDF engine, more formatting options, Evernote Business integration and the usual various bug fixes.


Snippets is a handy feature that lets you see a small bit of text from the note as well as bringing the full note in to focus on the right of the screen.

Just one thing to consider before upgrading… there is a bug that is preventing the app from opening in some cases. For me, it worked fine on my iPhone but not on my iPad. A simple fix was to delete the app and reinstall it. As Evernote is a cloud service, it just re-downloads all the note headers after re-installing. The only time I could see this being a chore is if you use offline notebooks and have a large amount of data you want to re-download. Evernote is fixing this bug.

You can grab the update now over on the App Store in the usual way.


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