Ninja BBQ Set

ninja_bbq_setA different approach to cooking on a BBQ is to use some ninja tools to flip burgers. This Ninja BBQ set has been designed to look a little different in that each has a handle looks like the handle of a ninja sword.

In the pack you get a BBQ fork and spatula. The handles are made of plastic, so don’t let them melt by leaving them on the BBQ.

Other specs show that they are dishwasher friendly and that they measure 16.5″ long.

Full Specs

BBQ Fork and Spatula with ninja sword handles
Ready for stabbing meat or your enemies
Please only use them to stab meat (or maybe corn on the cob)
Black carrying case turns into a heavy-duty pocketed apron
Great gift for the grilling king or queen of your household
Materials: Stainless steel and molded plastic handles
Dishwasher safe
Handles are molded plastic – do not leave unattended on the grill, or they will melt
Dimensions: 16.5″ long

Available from ThinkGeek costing $27.99.

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