JackPod Smartphone Tripod Mount

The JackPod is another great idea that I just came across on Kickstarter. It is a device that you plug in to the 3.5mm headphone jack on your smartphone and use that as a mounting point for a tripod.

The details show that it can mount any smartphone that uses any case safely on to a tripod so you can get steadier shots.


Over the past 18 or so months, it is becoming more common to see people use an iPhone or Android device as a primary camera to capture still images as well as video. We often see phones with different steadying mounts. This particular mount is the most versatile and simplest of all as it is compatible with all smartphones.

According to the project, the JackPod doesn’t cause any damage to your smartphone and simply clicks in to place just in the same way a headphone cord clicks in to place. The strength of the springs holding the JackPod in place also allow it to hold the phone while upside down.

Backing the product has now hit the $10 tier and for that, you get a JackPod. Other options are available which includes a tripod included. Prices for that are $20.

Project details can be found over here.

As for the success of the project, the JackPod has reached just over 1/3 of its goal so far and is currently at $5,708. The target is $16,500. There are currently 28 days to go.

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