Gorilla Glass 2 Gets 20 Percent Thinner

Last week, Corning teased a new glass called Gorilla Glass 2. Other than knowing its a follow on from Gorilla Glass, there wasn’t any other information made available. Corning has now provided the details of what has changed between versions. As it’s glass, the details might be too much of a surprise, but at the same time this will help smartphones become a little sleeker.

Corning has managed to create the glass 20 percent thinner than the original glass. The details of how it is achieved are not provided, but we are guessing at a new manufacturing process. The new thinner glass also is as strong as the previous version.

Also, Corning has made the glass more touch sensitive. With it being thinner, it also allows the screen to be seen a little brighter than before.

In 2011, Corning had sales of around $700 Million. This was three times more than the previous year. We would be surprised if smartphone manufacturers didn’t continue to use the new thinner version of the glass and with this in mind, we also expect 2012 results to also be excellent.


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