iPhone 4S Users Take Double the Data as iPhone 4 Users

An interesting report has been doing the rounds today about the iPhone 4S and how much data users eat through whilst using the device. When comparing it to the iPhone 4, users use double the amount of data. Some reports are blaming it on Siri with this being the only extra on the device.

The problem with blaming it on Siri is that it doesn’t actually use up that much data from what we understand. Ars Technica recently ran tests that hinted heavy usage didn’t use that much at all. In fact, it was less than 30MB/month when using it 10 – 15 times per day.

There are some changes though that are not Siri related. Remember that the iPhone 4 shipped with iOS 4 and the iPhone 4S shipped with iOS 5. Some users might still have not updated to iOS 5 which means less transfer for iCloud related stuff such as backing up documents, photostream as well as automatic downloads of apps, books etc… Not all require a WiFi network to download which means iOS 5 quietly can gobble up data in the background. Depending on how many iPhone 4 units still run a version of iOS 4, this could skew the numbers a little.

What else is interesting is that the iPhone 4S also uses three times more data than the 3GS. In all cases, each iPhone offers a little bit more. The 3GS can run iOS 4 and 5, but remember that the camera is less quality as is the iPhone 4 camera when compared to the iPhone 4S. Any data transfer of images, iMessages and anything else that can use a data connection would be larger as each generation device moves on.

For those who have a limited data plan, check your usage in the Settings menu (General > Usage > Cellular Usage). If you are getting close or going over your limit then look at ways to either off load to a WiFi network or look at ways to prevent certain types of data crossing over 3G. Perhaps you stream a lot or perhaps you have apps using 3G when they have a setting to use WiFi only etc…


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