iPhone 5 to Lack NFC

Near Field Communications (NFC) was first rumored to be arriving in the iPhone 4 last year. This of course didn’t happen. Due to a few Apple patents, these rumors were then reignited for the soon to be released iPhone 5. We now hear that this also wont be happening.

The reasons for this are believed to be that it’s just too early for Apple to test the technology. At the moment, there are about 1 percent of merchants in the US who allow NFC payments to be made. We expect that Apple will be waiting for more companies to adopt the technology.

The NFC system works by merchants utilizing NFC capable POS terminals and when compatible technology is used, such as that found in Android and soon to be Orange smartphones, payments for goods and services can be made by using your phone as a wallet.

Perhaps in 2012 we’ll have a bigger picture on where NFC is going, if anywhere, and Apple will probably then decide to include the technology on its smartphone.


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