iPhone 4 Noise Cancellation is Powered by Audience

iFixit has revealed that the iPhone 4 has noise cancellation technology that is powered by Audience. Audience is the same chip that is used in the Google Nexus One in that two microphones are used with one capturing the voice and the other capturing background noise. The chip then can cut out background noise to make better quality calls.

The iPhone 4 uses this same technology. When iFixit first took the iPhone 4 apart, they did find two microphones but it wasn’t clear what technology was being used for noise cancellation. After another look inside the iPhone 4 when the Verizon model launched, the same mysterious unknown chip was found inside. Rather than ignore it, Chipworks (friends of iFixit), decided to take a look inside the chip and they found the following:

To see what effect the Audience chip has on the iPhone 4 quality, check out the video below to hear it in action:


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