Trimensional 3D Scanner for iPhone Released

Occasionally we come across very unique apps for the iPhone and iPad. Trimensional is one of those apps which hit the app store just over a week ago. What it does is allows you to use your iPhone 4, iPod touch (4th gen) or iPad 2 as a simple 3D scanner.

The app works by flashing a sequence of four frames on the screen of the iOS device and at the same time, captures images with the front facing camera. By projecting different images from the screen it allows it to create a simple 3D map of a face or any object as pictured below.

Image capture needs to be done under certain conditions to get the best results. This includes cranking the screen brightness up to full in the iOS settings as well as being in a darkened room while you take the pictures. If the conditions are met and you sit steady, you can get yourself a fancy part 3D image of your face or other objects.

We tested just now and although the results aren’t perfect (still very good), at 59p (99 cents), you could say it’s a cheap alternative to a full 3D scanner which costs in the region of $40,000 in some cases (although cheaper options available).

The app allows you to capture 3D objects and save them locally. What you can also do is spend £2.99 on an in-app purchase which then allows you to easily export the object to a 3rd party 3D software package in formats of OBJ, STL or PLY. Mesh smoothing can be applied if needed.

Overall, an impressive and well thought out app that steps beyond what we normally see on iOS devices.

Trimensional is available in the iTunes store.

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