Sony S2 Dual-Screen Android Device with 5.5 Inch Displays Leaked

Last week we saw details of the Sony S1 Playstation certified tablet. That particular tablet is will run Android Honeycomb and also will play Playstation games. It has a 9.4 inch screen.

We now hear that Sony also plan to launch a clamshell version similar to the S1. This second device is called the Sony S2 and is said to have two screens that are each 5.5 inches in size. The S2 is odd in shape in that it’s more of a cylinder when closed. However, it does run similar specs to the S1 which means it will include a Tegra 2 SoC as well as WiFi and 3G connectivity built in.

At the moment, it hasn’t been revealed if the S2 will be Playstation certified like the S1 model will be, but due to it following along with the S1 and with it running Android Honeycomb, it appears that Sony might make this device PS certified.

Although the device will have Honeycomb installed, the dual-screen layout means that it wont be stock, so to speak, as a few modifications will be needed to optimize the experience for a dual screen device.

The apps that will run on the S2 will also need to be more customized. One example, given by Engadget, is a navigation app that could have a map on one screen with written directions on the second screen.

Release dates are not known at the moment although we do hear it will be by the end of the year at the latest. One problem so far is that the source who “leaked” the information said that the S2 form factor has hit a bit of criticism in that one Sony rep indicates the gap between the screens (hinge point) is too large. Obviously Sony will want to keep that gap to a minimum for aesthetic reasons, also someone else said the S2 was a “dog”. For these reasons, Sony will need to ensure the tablet looks the part when it arrives.

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