Google Toolbar 7 Gets Instant Search Feature

A new version of the Google Toolbar has been launched. The latest version is number 7 which brings a few new features. The main new feature of Toolbar 7 is that it now has Instant Search integrated. The service is called Toolbar Instant and allows you to type a search in the toolbar and the results immediately show on the page. If you decide that you don’t want this, you can just hit the escape button to return to the page you were previously viewing.

To active Toolbar Instant you first need to install the latest toolbar, found here. When installed you need to visit the Toolbar Options page and then click the “Enable Instant for faster searching and browsing” option.

When enabled, you’ll get the same instant results that you would if you visited the home page from the browser. The toolbar works on IE8 and 9 as well as Chrome at the moment.

Google has also enhanced the toolbar to make it more tidier. Google has achieved this by making the toolbar more dynamic in that the options you click on the most will stay visible on the toolbar, while things you don’t use that often will be put in a More menu.

The video below gives a quick rundown of how the toolbar works as well as a demo of Toolbar Instant.


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