iPhone 4S Handed out to Select Developers

Apple will be introducing a next gen iPhone later this year. Some say it will be arriving in June, while others are expecting to see it in September. Either way, it will be more powerful and more than likely it will be a refined iPhone 4, perhaps called the iPhone 4S.

We hear today that Apple has been handing out a new prototype iPhone 4 that has been described as the 4S in that it looks identical to the iPhone 4 on the outside, but inside it carries an Apple A5 processor to speed things up.

The phones are being given to top developers which we might suggest could be the likes of those such as iD Software who are known for pushing the limits of the CPU in devices.

The devices handed to developers are unlikely to be the actual next generation iPhone as it seems the company have just beefed up the processor for testing purposes. When the new version eventually arrives, expect the A5 processor, upgraded cameras and probably a bit more RAM. We also expect to see iOS 5 launch with the new smartphone.

The reason Apple is sending these units out to developers will presumably be so that they can demo some amazing looking games at the launch event and be ready with new software titles at launch.


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