Retina Display Could Arrive on MacBook and iMac

Over the weekend, some artwork was found within the latest Mac OS X Lion build that hints at higher resolution Retina Displays (or at least higher resolution displays) arriving in the coming year. A number of icons were found that broke the regular 512×512 size that are available in current builds. Instead, icons with a resolution of 1024×1024 were found along with a background that has a 3200×3200 resolution. At the moment, no Apple product has a resolution that high.

At the moment there is no need for icons to have a 1024×1024 pixel size which makes us, and others, believe that Apple could increase the pixel density of the iMac and perhaps even the MacBook Pro over the next year. The new sizes are probably a little too early for the rumoured iMac refresh that is just around the corner, but perhaps by this time next year we could be seeing some high density displays on the market.

Expect to see a few more hidden features found from Lion over the coming months although none of them guarantee what we will see in hardware, at the same time, it does provide a good hint.

If more details are uncovered, we’ll post them here.

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